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In the mid 1990’s Copper Ridge Baptist Church had visitors from around the world who flocked to the church to see the glowing crosses that appeared daily in the windows. The mystifying appearance of the crosses garnered media attention as local newspapers & news stations covered the unexplained phenomena.

You see, there were no actual crosses to form the 40 ft tall spectacles. The crosses were seen in the windows of this 135-year-old Baptist church near Knoxville, Tennessee.  This new pattern was the shape of an even-armed cross and could be seen in all five sanctuary windows, which had been installed in the church for 26  years (this was back in 1995.) The crosses were not on the window, but were suspended in mid-air like a holographic image some 30 yards away from the building. They appeared white in the daytime. At night, with a streetlight as the light source, they were a fiery, reddish-gold. While it appeared the images on the glass may only be four to six feet tall, the crosses, as seen through the windows, stretched from the ground upward to about 40 feet.

Not only were there lighted crosses, the church began to experience healings and miracles as people proclaimed to be cured from alcoholism, addictions and even cancer. So how could a church so blessed become a place where evil gained a foothold and earned its own dark reputation as suggested on many sites of the internet?

How can there be dark shadows sighted in the cemetery? How can there be voices heard and recorded, not only disembodied, but asking for help?

It seems there were as many as 135,000 people visit this small, old church during the time it was known for the miracles, and unfortunately the media hype brought curiosity seekers and thrill seekers. It didn’t take long for the upright members of the church to want all of the attention to go away. It wasn’t long before the church tried to hide the lighted crosses by darkening the windows. The smiles faded from the faces of the community and darkness seeped inside, and soon the church disassembled. The building became a place teenagers, ghost hunters & Satanists visited; sadly, some vandalized the building. It is rumored on the internet that even the heads of cattle could be found inside, the result of a sickened occult ritual.  Perhaps it was such a ritual that caused the church to burn because now the church is gone, and the old outbuilding that stood for awhile after the church, it too is gone. The charred remains can be seen in the tall grass among the young saplings to the right facing the graveyard. There is even paranormal activity in the old cemetery where graves date back to the 1800’s, and some even unmarked. Voices still can be heard begging for help; mist & sometimes strange lights are seen, & shadowy figures roam the grounds, according to those that pass by.

 Many, many people have heard the voices, sometimes the voices are from children. Others say they hear a male. We did pick up a male EVP on one of our visits, which is on the EVP page of the above linked website at the top of this post. And we have a video showing the small cemetery and the remains of a burned structure on the Investigation page of our main website showing the grounds where once the blessing of God could be witnessed here, yet now it appears that all is left are memories, tales & perhaps the ethereal visitors of those who passed on before us. If you go there, please treat the cemetery with respect. If you’re lucky enough to witness an apparition or hear a voice, try to respond with courtesy, as spirits respond to kindness. Besides, these spirits have seen their share of circus type behavior. Isn’t it time they experience a little peace?


Update: I received an email recently that gave me pause for consideration. I was informed that Copper Ridge Baptist Church did NOT burn, and in fact the name was changed after the 1990’s hype over the crosses. The author of the email informed me that the church is located in the Copper Ridge Community area, not on Copper Ridge Rd. I will research this new information. In any case, the cemetery off of Copper Ridge Rd is very active with supernatural and paranormal phenomena, we have witnessed it. Look for updates on our main website

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